A greener footprint

Proudly presenting our brand new, environmentally friendly, and even more durable footshell with an extended warranty of 9 months.
As this footshell is made out of a bio-attributed PVC, that is 100% renewable, it heavily reduces the impact on the environment.
Also our new delivery box goes hand in hand with our green footprint, being smaller, from recycled material and with less color.

To further extend our assortment we also added more colors and you can now choose between Caucasian, Tan, Brown or Jet Black when it comes to skin tone.
The spectra sock delivered with the footshell will be sleek black going forward and to secure the perfect fit it comes in three sizes.

Enjoy the changes, and read all about Xtend Foot and its benefits atXtend Foot Product page

Meet Sydney Marshburn!

Who are you?

My name is Sydney Marshburn and I am a recent above-knee amputee and the newest edition to the LindheXtendAmbassadors! I am currently the Events & Outreach Manager at the Range of Motion Project (ROMP) and an amputee mentor at Click Medical. My life goal is to qualify for Team USA’s Para Alpine Ski team.

What’s your story?

Before my amputation, my body had been dealing with multiple life-threatening conditions and had been in survival mode for years. Four months before I became an amputee, doctors told me I would have to accept being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. As a 22-year-old, this news was hard to process. Prior to my medical conditions becoming severe and unmanageable, I was a competitive swimmer from age nine to my senior year of high school; I led a very active lifestyle. In 2017 I was formally diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a progressive genetic condition caused by a defect in collagen. From that point on, my life revolved around hospital visits and surgeries. Ehlers-Danlos complications and its co-morbidities ultimately led to the amputation of my left leg.

In 2017, I had my first spinal fusion surgery. The operation was successful but left behind a rare complication called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in my left leg. I was being burned alive from the inside out. CRPS caused infections that would last 7 months at a time and would be made worse by the EDS (every time I dislocated/subluxedmy left ankle or knee I would be left on fire for months). This happened for 4 years: ages 18 to 22. It got to the point where I couldn’t even sleep in my own bed or wear pants because having anything touch my skin made it burn even more. My condition progressed no matter what we tried. Doctors initially dismissed me but my blisters, swelling, and pain became too intense to ignore.

In August 2021, my leg became infected (due to the CRPS) and it started spreading. My surgeon said he would not be able to save my knee or anything below it and it would have to go ASAP, as it had become life threatening. 36 hours later, I lost my leg.

What doesXtendYour Life mean to you?

To me, “XtendYour Life” is a mindset that means I have the tools necessary to live my life to the fullest. I plan to make the most of any situation that comes my way. The LindheXtendprosthetic foot allows me to expand my limitations and adventure further than I ever could with two human legs.

Follow her on instagram@Sydneym87

Meet Capt Diane

Who are you?
我黛安娜·波洛克的船长制定degree in Education with a specialization in Math. I returned to college in my late 30’s working towards a degree in Physical Therapy, but I couldn’t resist the pull of the ocean and pursuing a life on the water. I grew up on the Georgia/Florida line on the St. Mary’s River and the surrounding barrier islands. After being a sponsored competitive rower for 3 years on a national level, I was given medical clearance as an above knee amputee from the US Coast Guard to become a licensed boat Captain, so in 2011, I became a charter boat captain. I also serve in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary as a Coxswain conducting marine patrols on our local waters.

What’s your story?
I lost my leg above the knee in 2002 at the age of 32 as a result of osteomyelitis after a knee surgery to realign my patella. I fought the infection for 9 months before being given the choice of an above knee amputation or a straight-leg fusion with a titanium rod running through the knee joint. I had been locked out straight in a full leg brace for months, so I chose the amputation. If I had chosen the fusion surgery and the infection returned, I would have lost the leg at an even higher level.

What does Xtend Your life mean to you?
For me “Xtend Your Life” means pushing the limits in everything I pursue. I have found that most limits are usually self-imposed when I put my mind to something. After the amputation, I became more sensitive to all of the controls I need to exercise to maximize my potential in everything. As a result, I feel like I’m healthier than I was before the amputation. My life is lived in some of the harshest environments. For me the durability of the Lindhe Xtend products are vital to me staying active on the boat and in the saltwater lifestyle.

Follow Diane at Instagram @nolimitschartersllc

New member of the Lindhe Xtend family

So excited to introduce our new Sales and Marketing Assistant – Linus Månsson. A super team-spirited person and true gourmand, that will support sales and distribution globally and help develop content and communication for all our channels. Linus has the perfect background with a bachelors degree in International Marketing from Halmstad University, as well as a great customer mind-set and analytical skills. When not working and spreading good vibes at the office, Linus loves being out on the mountain bike or swinging a padel racket.

Welcome Linus! So great that you want to join the journey.

Master of data in place

Now we have one more Magnus at the company – who goes by the nick name Hagge as his last name is Hagberg – not to get him mixed up with our CFO. Magnus is hired as a Supply Chain and Operations Assistant and is a trained business administrator with previous experience as a project coordinator and masters excel at top level both privately as well as at work. Magnus also has great experience with purchasing, warehouse planning and needs assessment which really will come in handy considering our future here at Lindhe Xtend.

Even if structure, numbers and data makes Magnus tick, … he also has a more creative side, being a photographer as well as writing his own music on his electric bass. Training and health is another hobby and we can testify that we already experienced his great sense of humour.

Welcome and hope you will like it here Magnus!

Pushing development

Lots of user needs to take care of – so of course we need even more skilled people in our product development team.
So happy to present Isabelle (Bella) Buonassisi, a Biomechanical Engineer who really understands the combination human body and mechanical design, and who truly loves helping end users to a more active and free life.

Bella already has a lot of previous experience from development projects within Medtech, and with us she will work both with new development as well as improving existing product lines.

Outside work you will find Bella travelling the world, kitesurfing, lifting weights, or just out in nature with her cool Amstaff Lexi.

Welcome Bella- you are just the perfect fit for us!

Two new US sales reps

So excited to announce that we now will be covering Central and West territories in the US with our own newly recruited sales representatives – Tamara Sneeringer and Evan Glenn.

As Central Territory Manager, Tamara will work out of St Louis, where she was born & raised. With 12 years of experience in Prosthetics, but most recently out of the profession, Tamara is really looking forward to coming back to the field and making a difference in the lives of end-users. When not on the road she loves spending time with friends, family and especially her daughter. She the adoring “grandmother” of a 4-year-old Bernese Mountain dog.

Covering the West, Evan is an enthusiastic surfer living in San Diego, with a passion for action sports, nature, his wife and a dog named Moose (no confirmation that he wants to get a pet moose named Dog). Evan has tremendous and varied experience in O&P and chose to pursue a career in Prosthetics, so he can help amputees get back to doing what they love.

Wow – what a treat to have these dog-loving, skilled and passionate people on board!

Boosting Product Management

We are so happy to introduce our new Product Manager – Ray Speelman – to the company. Ray has long experience in the industry – both as a CP (prosthetist) at his own clinic as well as product specialist/educator at various companies within O&P.
Not only has Ray spent large parts of his live working with prosthetics, he also has an exciting background being in the U.S. Navy, placed in cool countries like Japan and the tiny island Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory south of India.

Do you have questions on applications – feel free to contactray@lindheusa.comat any time for guidance.

So delighted to have you onboard Ray!

Production asset added

Now we have a super experienced production guy in place. Welcome Niclas Carlsson – hired as a Production Planner and Operator. Niclas actually used to work in the very same building with another Medtech company formerly renting the facilities. We will for sure be in good hands, as he knows every corner of this place. As we are planning to produce more of our products inhouse going forward, he will be a valuable team member making this happen. Also, if you want to know what happened historically or currently in the world, regarding sports, history or just anything – ask Niclas, he is up to date!

Thanks for joining us Niclas!

Quality proof

We are so happy to present our new QA/RA Engineer. Her name is Karla Bolbaran and she is originally a trained Pharmacist from University of Gothenburg. After her studies she has mainly worked with quality issues both within Pharma, Lab as well as Medtech.

Being originally from Halmstad and missing the ocean we are happy she wanted to move back to the west coast and start working for us. With Karla on board we will continue to guarantee high performance and quality assured products and procedures.
We will for sure be in good hands also going forward.

The story of Mariko – our Japanese ambassador

Who are you?
My name is Mariko, born and bred in the colorful city of Tokyo, Japan. I’m a bilateral above knee amputee and work as a Web advertising designer. Being Japanese, it might not come as a surprise I passionately love singing karaoke. And I can tell you, we luckily have a lot of those places around here.

What is your story?
在e summer of 2021, when Covid was in full bloom all over the world, I got what I thought was a regular flu. I was lying in bed for 5 days with a fever, cough and running nose. I figured it would pass fairly quickly, but on day 5 my parents got home and found me passed out on the floor. They urgently had to send me into the hospital with an ambulance. Next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital bed some days later, having both legs amputated above knee. I obviously had septic chock, and to safe my life the doctors had to take both my legs off. I was devastated. Not only by the fact that my legs were gone, but also because I couldn’t see my family due to the covid situation. It would take almost one year, with minimal contact only with care takers, until I could see them live and be close again. With the help of a great clinic, smooth prosthetics and a lot of training I’m now up on new feet again.

What does “Xtend Your life” mean to you?
For me it means to dare to go out of my comfort zone, and also to keep challenging myself and overcome things I cannot do. I’m a firm believer that is the best strategy to become a good prosthetic user. I really have a dream to be able to expand my range of motion and see where it can get me in the future. And actually, using the Xtend Foot, has taken me quite far already.

Follow Mariko at https://www.instagram.com/mariko_bilateralprosthetics

Are you our Supply Chain and Operations Assistant?

Want to start your career in purchasing and logistics with us? An international and innovative company in the prosthetics industry dedicated to improving life as an amputee.
The Supply Chain and Operations Assistant will report to the COO, and the work involves both coordinating/planning purchases for warehouses, managing logistics and various solution-oriented and administrative tasks. The role will collaborate both with customer service, sales and the colleagues in the USA.

The role is based in Halmstad, Sweden.

Read the full role descriptionSupply Chain and Operations Assistant- Lindhe Xtend

New tall member of the Xtend Connect family

It runs in the Xtend Connect genes to be clever and quick, but this one also turned out to be quite tall.
Welcome to the family Xtend Connect B30 – a base unit with a 30 mm tube. The B30 has a super flexible mindset, with 130 mm length, the tube is adaptable and can be shortened down to 30 mm- depending on the length you need.
The B30 really likes to hang out and connect with everyone but especially the Alp-system or similar.
Made of stainless steel, guaranteed in all kinds of water and with a maximum patient weight of 150 kg/330 lbs – just like the rest of the family.

Read more aboutXtend Connectand download the updated materialhere

With a vision to drive our industry forward

There are so many ways to influence a market. When we founded Lindhe Xtend, we had a vision that we wanted to take active part in driving our industry forward. With user-innovation in mind, we are proud members and active participants in the several forums.
创造者,我们的创始人,主持新器官nization Momentum Sweden for amputees, people with limb deficiencies, prosthesis and orthosis users in Sweden.
Jessika, our CEO, is member of the board of OTB, working on several levels to support the O&P Industry in Sweden.
Mirja, our Sales Manager for EMEA, is participating in working groups around tender guidance in Sweden, with the target to support a better guidance to the public authorities on how to buy services and products within the industry in a fair way.
Russell, our Sales Director North America, is a member of the committee for the National Assembly of AOPA, helping to assure this exciting venue is getting even more attractive and interesting, both for attendees and exhibitors.

Bookkeeper in place

Imagine our surprise when we were looking for a bookkeeper/admin position in Stuart, FL and we found Anders Friberg, living literally 3 minutes away from our office. What a perfect match! Anders is originally from Sweden, so when we Swedes are visiting our office in Florida, we can even chat a bit in Swedish. However, Anders is since long an American citizen and have lived most of his adult life in the US. With his background as a controller and his experience in running his own business for many years, he is just perfect for the job taking care of our books and other administrative duties onsite.

We are so happy to have you in our team Anders!

More feet on US-ground

We continue to expand in North America and are now looking for a person who can drive sales growth in a designated territory (TBD). The position will be the lead point of contact for customers in the region.
This is an excellent opportunity to make a difference and improve the lives of those living with limb loss.
We would like you to have a minimum of 2 years O&P industry experience, effective product presentation skills, be highly motivated and able to travel.

Read the full job descriptionTerritory Sales Manager – Prosthetics – Lindhe Xtend Inc

Are you the right person for the job?
Or do you know someone who might be?
Contact Russell Cannon – Director of Sales, North America
手机(603)566 7980或电子邮件:russell@lindheusa.com

Strengthening Sales & Marketing

Another valuable star in our team is in place. A warm welcome to Linnéa Birnbo, who is our new Sales and Marketing Assistant, a role that will support sales globally and help develop content and communication for all our channels.
Linnéa comes from great international experience within the event, service and travel industry, mainly from the volcanic islands of New Zeeland and Iceland. Lately Linnea also excelled within sales being an insurance advisor.

Linnéa- we are super thrilled to have you!

Seeking QA/RA Project Leader

Do you want to work within quality and regulatory at an international and innovative prosthetic manufacturer dedicated to improving the lives of those living with limb-loss?

The QA/RA Project Leader will work with quality and regulatory procedures. This means for example to maintain and improve our quality management system, work with quality and safety in product development projects, plan and execute revisions; both internally and externally as well as handle different quality issues; collaborating with both customers and suppliers.

Based at our HQ in Halmstad, Sweden.

Read more about the position here (in Swedish)Kvalitetsingenjör- Lindhe Xtend

New partnership with PEL LLC

PEL LLC is an independent distributor to the O&P profession covering the entire United States. Since its inception in 1959 in Cleveland, Ohio PEL has generated an incredibly loyal customer base that relies on them for products, service and reliability. Carrying over 150,000 SKUs and representing over 250 manufacturers, PEL is able to deliver the supplies O&P clinics need to help ensure positive outcomes for their patients.

We are really excited to be partnering with a company steeped in tradition and also focused on the future of O&P.

Read more about PEL athttps://www.pelsupply.com/

Supplier Partnership with DPOP

DPOP(支配假肢和矫正的采购)is a Group Purchasing Organization for prosthetic, orthotic, pedorthic and mastectomy care providers. As members of DPOP, O&P Clinics can leverage their consolidated buying power to obtain better pricing and terms than they can achieve individually. For us at Lindhe Xtend this partnership means extending our US-customer base and providing yet another way to easily access our products on the US-market.

DPOPs tagline is “Together we are better”, and we fully agree and are really looking forward to work closely together.

Read more about DPOP atwww.dpopg.com

User Need Studies – Xtend Connect

True end-user needs are always what we base our innovations on. For the development of Xtend Connect this was also the case. We got some really interesting research and data from two separate studies that examined the obstacles amputees are facing in their day-to-day life, and also how some of those can be navigated more easily by using a quick-change adapter.

Read more about these studies, see the findings and some infographics that bring them to lifehere

Regional Territory Manager, Western USA

We continue to expand in North America and are now looking for a person who can drive sales growth primarily in the western US. The position will be the lead point of contact for customers in the region.
This is an excellent opportunity to make a difference and improve the lives of those living with limb loss.

We would like you to have a minimum of 2 years O&P industry experience, effective product presentation skills, be highly motivated and able to travel.

Read the full job description hereRegional Territory Manager, Western USA

Are you our man or woman for the job? Or do you know someone who could be?
Contact Director of Sales North America, Russell Cannon Cell Phone (603) 566 7980 or via e-mail:russell@lindheusa.com

Integrated Supplier of OPIE Software

We are so thrilled to be partnering with OPIE Software. Our products Xtend Foot and Xtend Connect are now available for purchase in the OPIE Purchasing and Inventory. There you can view our digital catalog, use the Foot Configurator to find the right choice for your user, place orders and receive order confirmation directly in the system. Just as you are used to as a customer in the USA!

About OPIE Software:
OPIE Software is a healthcare IT organization dedicated to serving the technology, education, and business needs of the orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) profession. The OPIE Software platform was introduced in 2003 and provides electronic health records, workflow, billing, and practice management tools to independent orthotic and prosthetic facilities. In 2014, OPIE acquired Futura International, Inc., so we now offer the two leading practice management solutions to over 1,400 facilities to help O&P practices more effectively compete and succeed. For more information, visit

Xtend Connect now accessible to SPS and Hanger in the US

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with SPS and Hanger in the US.
“With a long history of serving the O&P profession, and with as impressive a roster of clients as one can imagine, including the nationally prominent Hanger Clinics, SPS is the ideal partner to help us get our products to those who will truly benefit: amputees.” says our own Russell Cannon, Director of Sales, North America at Lindhe Xtend Inc. Starting October 2021, SPS and Hanger will take onboard
Xtend Connect– our complete range of quick-change adapters.
The largest distributor in the world, founded in 1917 and formerly known as Southern Prosthetic Supply, SPS has multiple Distribution Centers, a highly respected Sales & Marketing division as well as a team of Professional Educators. They are in other words highly qualified to reach clinicians with our solution that truly revolutionizes day-to-day life for amputees. Hanger Clinics has over 800 locations nation-wide over 1 Million patients are treated annually.

Thank you for your confidence and looking forward to the cooperation!

Read more aboutSPSandHanger Clinics

Caro – Our new Ambassador in Germany

Who are you?
I’m Caro Wehner, a 47-year-old above knee amputee from Germany. I’m a geologist with a passion for stones and fossils and I traveled the world during my studies to find out everything about them. I live with my two kids…I’m sorry – I mean dogs… (but they are like my kids, as loving and as annoying) in beautiful Altmühltal, between Nürnberg and München. I’m originally from Schwaben but I moved here because I love the great opportunities for recreation and nature that this area brings. As I simply love being outdoors with my dogs, do Nordic walking, agility and look for fossils – this is the right place to be.

What is your story?
Well, in the year of 2000 I had a serious accident, being tackled by the other team at a softball competition. The cruciate ligaments in the knee broke and a lot of surgeries followed. Already at the first surgery I caught an infection. And there were more infections and a lot of pain after the over 40 surgeries that followed. The surgeries didn’t solve the problem and my pain only got worse. Finally, the only way out I saw was amputation, and getting the anaesthesia I went to sleep with a smile on my face knowing that I was going to be amputated, free from the pain and able to re-start my life.
Two weeks after the amputation I started trying out prosthetics and three weeks after that I started walking. Having dogs really helped getting up on the prosthetics early and fast. After 6 months I was doing Agility with my dogs again and – believe it or not – since then I have become the Vice World Champion in Para-Agility twice! Nowadays I live a really active and happy life doing trekking, motorbiking, Stand-Up-Paddling…and really whatever that I want.

What does “Xtend Your life” mean to you?
It simply means freedom. To be able to do what I want, whenever I want it, means everything to me since I’m a free spirit. I could never image to live my life in any other way. My personal motto is actually “Carpe Momentum”, and to me that is really the same. Being out of my comfort zone, having no restrictions, breathe fresh air and be a bit crazy is really life at its best!

P.s. You can follow Caro on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/thirteenfeetoneteam/

Say hi to our newest team member

Jonathan Ivansson is taking the role as Customer Service, Logistics and Administration Assistant at our HQ in Halmstad. Despite his young age Jonathan already have a lot of experience from Customer Service and Logistics having worked with logistics at the warehouse of Martin & Servera as well as service and support at ICA Maxi. At Lindhe Xtend Jonathan will put all his energy and effort in providing safe, fast deliveries and a brilliant customer service.

Welcome onboard Jonathan, we are very happy to have you!!

FAOP – New kids on the block

We were so excited to launch Lindhe Xtend and our products at FAOP last weekend. Being new to the US-market and also located in Florida, this is the first time we got a really great chance to present ourselves. This well-attended show in Orlando, FL, had both exhibition and workshops. Lindhe Xtend’s Sales Director North America, flanked by our CEO Jessika Broström held a well-appreciated workshop, where also our Founder, triple-amputee Christoffer Lindhe joined live digitally from Sweden. The highly competitive Swedish Quiz-promenade following the work-shop resulted in two lucky winners. We congratulate Travis Andersen, Hanger Clinic in Orlando and André Bellicini at Restore POC in Daytona Beach as the winners of Lindhe Xtend products.

Rewarded degree project by Frida Svensson

We are so proud of our Frida Svensson who just finished her studies at Halmstad University and managed to get not less than 3 scholarships for her degree project “Blood simpling”.
Together with her partner Lisa Eliasson she developed a tool for blood specimen selection. The tool helps patient having a less painful experience when being sampled for blood. For some patients this procedure is quite simple, while others for different reasons suffer a lot. The tool helps getting it right at the first jab and is also suitable for kids.
Congratulations Frida – well done!

Read more about the degree project and the scholarships at:
Utexpo bjöd på inspiration, innovation och pengaregn – Högskolan i Halmstad (hh.se)(swedish)
Halland | Chalmerska Ingenjörsföreningen (avancez.se)(swedish)

Climbing Pont la Seyne sur Mere with the Xtend Foot

Our ambassador Valerie is truly an adventurous and charitable lady. Normally she does many tower runs that brings donations for charity, but since Covid hit us they have unfortunately all been cancelled.
So Valerie decided to make a run by herself and raise money for a renowned cancer hospital and research centre – Fondation Gustave Roussy – based in Paris. For this she will be climbing the Pont la Seyne sur Mere which has 231 steps. But since she is hoping to raise a minimum of 2310 euros, she decided to multiply her run by 10, which is basically 1 euro per step. All the donations will go to child cancer research at the foundation.
So Valerie’s goals are not to set a performance record but to raise as much money as she possibly can. It will be a challenge since the most she have ever climbed before has been 2000 steps and this tower run is going to be different from the others mainly as it’s an outdoor event and it may be windy or wet that day. Also the tower has metal steps and for the first time she will be going up and down twice with her prosthetic foot – Xtend foot. Usually she only climb with crutches and use the elevator to come down.

Best of luck to Valerie on May 19 – all the colleagues at Lindhe Xtend will of course be rooting and cheering!

Cascade Orthopedic Supply, LP and OrtoPed ULC to distribute Lindhe Xtend products in North America

Naperville, IL – February 22, 2021
Lindhe Xtend Inc. is pleased to announce they have partnered with Cascade Orthopedic Supply, LP, a North American distributor of orthotics and prosthetics. This agreement will facilitate the sale of Lindhe Xtend Inc. products into the United States and Canada.

“The strength of commercial channels , the nation-wide reach of Cascade, and OrtoPed’s access to the Canadian market, will allow Lindhe Xtend Inc. to immediately make our products available to O&P facilities across North America,” says Russell Cannon, Director of Sales, North America at Lindhe Xtend Inc.

The first products accessible through distribution will be the Xtend Connect line, a complete range of quick-change adapters. These adapters function similarly to other adapters on the market, but allow patients to safely and securely detach and attach specific parts of their prosthesis.

“Cascade and Ortoped are pleased to bring this unique Swedish innovation to the US market. The product range of the Xtend Connect can truly revolutionize daily activities of the user. Getting dressed, temporarily disconnecting segments for sitting comfort, or simply changing feet for different activities will be easier and quicker for many patients. Lindhe Xtend, founded by triple amputee Christoffer Lindhe, brings a true user perspective and fills a unique need for the market we serve,” says Nina Bondre, CPO, FAAOP, Clinical Educator at Cascade.

Products are available online to order immediately:

Lindhe Xtend is a Swedish-based group of companies, founded in 2013 by triple-amputee, Christoffer Lindhe.
The mission is to develop and commercialize innovative prosthetics based on true user needs. Under the motto ”Xtend your life” new products are constantly developed to further enhance the quality of life for amputees. Lindhe Xtend Inc is the US-subsidiary supporting the North American market.

Founded in 1973, Cascade Orthopedic Supply, LP is distinguished as the leading distributor of orthotics and prosthetics in North America. Cascade has four distribution facilities located in California, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, allowing overnight delivery anywhere in the contiguous United States at published ground rates. Cascade’s reputation is built on a continued commitment to superior service and support, investments in technology, and operational efficiency. Cascade distributes a broad range of products from more than 250 suppliers. As a leading provider in the industry, Cascade is committed to helping customers build a successful practice and deliver better patient care. Learn more at:www.cascade-usa.com

Susanna Rosander
Chief Marketing Officer, Lindhe Xtend Group
E-mail: susanna@lindhe.se

Taking lead on Quality and Regulatory

We are really happy to be welcoming Frida Svensson to our team. She will be taking on the role as Project leader within Quality and Regulatory as per February. Our very ambitious new employee is in parallel finishing her studies at University of Halmstad, and will become a bachelor in Innovation engineering at the end of spring semester 2021. With Frida’s competence and energy we will become even stronger at serving our customers and users with high performance and quality assured products.

A warm welcome to Frida!

Lindhe Xtend acquires Hydracoupler

True patient innovation is the core of Lindhe Xtend, and we now have the pleasure to announce the acquisition of all the intellectual property and full rights to the highly innovative system of Hydracoupler.

“This innovation fits very nicely with our idea to “Change & Connect Anything” on all prosthetic legs and will expand the reach of our current product portfolio of Xtend Connect”, says Christoffer Lindhe, Founder and Principal owner of Lindhe Xtend. “We truly believe in every prosthetic users’ right to adapt the prosthesis to their everyday life. Simple tasks like changing trousers or shoes are tricky for me and other amputees, so we want to make those tasks as easy and quick as they were before the amputation.”

The Hydracoupler makes it possible to detach a prosthetic leg even if the amputee uses a traditional foam-cover. The device will open the market for quick-change adapters even further and expand the addressable market for quick-change adapters. No other device on the market fits together with a foam-covered leg.

Hydracoupler is developed by the engineer Martin Adelholt, an amputee himself, and true user-based innovator.

“I am so glad that Lindhe Xtend and I could conclude this. I have been working on this innovation for several years and I also wear it myself, so seeing this product get out on the market and be accessible to other amputees, will mean a lot to me. Lindhe Xtend is one of few prosthetic companies that makes user-driven products, and I am convinced that they will benefit from that in the long term by supporting many amputees around the globe to live a simpler life with prosthetics. “says Martin Adelholt.

The acquisition was completed on December 4, 2020 and the product is expected to reach the market late 2021.

Read more about the Hydracoupler at https://www.hydracoupler.com/

Welcome Surehab India

We are so happy and proud to present our new distributor Surehab Healthcare in India. With the clinical expertise and broad presence in the country, Surehab has the ability and strength to bring our products and innovations to this fantastic market.

“India is a key market for the global expansion of Lindhe Xtend. We see the long term benefits of working together with Surehab and are confident that we will be represented in best of ways. Wecouldn’t be more excited to offer our products to the India market. With a steady annual increase of GDP in South Asia, the growth potential of this market is a key factor when we expand our territories.”Marcus Åkesson, Sales Manager International Markets

Effective today, 1stDec 2020, this strategic partnership will combine Lindhe Xtend innovative range of products in the field of prosthetics and Surehab’s clinical expertise to improve the people’s mobility. Working together, we will improve amputee lives also in India.

Welcome to the team, Surehab India!

Read more about Surehabhere

Meet Valerie Hirschfield – Our new Ambassador

Who are you?
我是一个“French-South African” lady, married with children. I was born in Toulon (France) in 1964 and still an infant when my father decides he would like to emigrate and the whole family went off to South Africa. I grew up in a suburb of Johannesburg and studied, worked and had 2 of my 3 children there. The youngest was born in France as we moved back to Toulon in 1993.

What is your story?

In 2004 I suffered 3rd degree burns to my leg, which led to many surgeries and during one of these I caught an infection. Finally, I didn’t really have a choice but to amputate as septicaemia set in and that was a life-threatening condition.
现在我已经截肢了15年了。后一个mputation I just wanted to get straight back to my family as my kids were young and needed to have their mom back in their lives. So, I decided that I would finish off the summer holidays with them and when their school year was about to start, I would then go to rehab and learn how to walk using a prosthetic leg. By then I was so used to walking on crutches and without a prosthetic leg that the situation lasted 10 years. I finally got a prosthetic when in 2015 I came across a stand-up paddling race which takes place in Holland. The event is the “11 city SUP Tour”, a 220km race, going through 11 beautiful historical villages and over a five-day period. This was a real boost for me and since then I windsurf, snowboard, surf, play stand up tennis and of course walk in everyday life. Nowadays with prosthetics instead of crutches.

What does ”Xtend your life” mean to you?
我是一个person who likes to challenge myself and being out of my comfort zone triggers me. Of course, an amputation is a life changing situation in many ways,but I’m lucky enough to have a good prosthetic leg and foot. The motto “Xtend your Life”, doesn’t mean I will have extra years ahead of me, but will enable me to live life to its fullest in a comfortable and easier way. I like that motto and I could easily make it mine. I try to live my life in a healthy way, even if I tend to push my body to its limits. I just want to carry on with what I do for as long as I possibly can as that is very important both mentally and physically. Some say we should never look back, but I don’t agree. Looking ahead and moving on is great but one must look back to see just how much they have done and where they have come from.

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First man on the ground – North America

We are proud to present our newest team-member Russell Cannon. Russell has considerable experience in the O&P Industry, just recently as Territory Manager North East at Cascade Orthopedic Supply and brings a wealth of knowledge and a valuable network of contacts to our company.
Russell is taking the role as Director of Sales, North America and will play a vital role in taking our Lindhe Xtend products to the market. Russell will, together with the Customer Service team in Naperville (IL), be the core foundation of the newly established US-subsidiary, Lindhe Xtend Inc.

A warm welcome to Russell, we are excited to have you on the team!

You can reach Russellhere

Winners of ”Double Challenge” with Dagens Industri

一个奇妙的惊喜是我们学习were appointed winners of Dagens Industri’s competition ”Double Challenge”. We will now get the opportunity to get equipped and coached through the ski-race ”Stafettvasan” in March as well as the running race ”Vasakvartetten” in August. Our team will have the obvious team-name ”Xtend Your Life” and team leader is of course Christoffer.

Wish us luck and stay tuned in our social channels!

To the article inDagens Industri (in swedish)https://www.di.se/nyheter/de-antar-tuffa-utmaningen-blandning-av-fortjusning-och-skrack/

University thesis investigating quick change adapters

We aim to make life easier for amputees and therefore we find it very interesting that Karl Wilsborn and Kenneth Heggdal, prosthetist students at School of Health and Welfare, University of Jönköping, have made a study focusing on the need of quick change adapters. The study was qualitative and made through interviewing 6 users, half of them transtibial amputees and half of them transfemoral amputees.

The results of the study shows that the need of quick change adapters are highly subjective, and depends more on the individuals life style than general factors. The need seems to be depending on activity level, number of components, personal attitude and other subjective factors.
Today there are only two quick change adapters on the market, and these are the two used in the study. One of these are our product Xtend Connect and we are very happy that it was percieved to be slim, easy to use and durable.

Read the full thesis in swedish (summary in english available)

Presenting Lindhe Xtend Inc

We have the pleasure to announce our new addition to the Lindhe Xtend family. Our subsidiary Lindhe Xtend Inc has now been established and our initial base for our US-expansion will be in Naperville, outside of the metropolitan area of Chicago, IL.
Recruitment for a sales and customer service team is ongoing and our operations will be fully up and running by the end of the year.

We are really excited to start our journey in the USA!

Should you have any questions, please direct them to President/CEO of Lindhe Xtend: Jessika Broström, info@lindheusa.com

Chief Marketing Officer – Susanna Rosander

We are proud to present our newest team-member Susanna Rosander. In order to assure the international expansion of our company, continue to build a strong brand and support the launch of our products in new countries, Susanna will be a great contribution to the team and in scaling up our marketing efforts. Susanna has held leading marketing positions in international companies like Getinge and Gerdmans and has an extensive knowledge in building strong presence in social and digital media. Susanna started her position in March and will share her time between Lindhe Xtend AB in Sweden and the newly established US-entity, Lindhe Xtend Inc.

OTB in Sweden, CEO Jessika Broström member of the Board

雷电竞app官网iOS下载雷电竞iOS官网Lindhe Xtend瑞典OTB的一员since 2017. The Swedish organization for companies in the Prosthetics & Orthotics gathers 50 Swedish O&P companies, both public and private in Sweden. The target of the organization is to support the industry and its role in the society.

This is a vision that is clearly shared with Lindhe Xtend and CEO, Jessika Broström says: “I am really proud to be a Member of the Board of this important organization. By influencing the O&P industry on many levels, today and tomorrow, we can assure that the patients best is in the forefront”.

Massons Healthcare, new distributor in New Zealand & Singapore

Halmstad, August 30 2018
It is a great pleasure to announce that Massons Healthcare will be our new distributor in New Zealand and Singapore. We welcome Massons Healthcare and their dedicated team as our distributor, and we are convinced that their clinical expertise and good contacts and channels in the selected markets, will fit well with the innovative products of Lindhe Xtend. Read more about Massons Healthcare

OKO Solution exclusive distributor of Xtend Foot for France and its overseas territories

We are indeed very happy to announce that OKO Solution is our exclusive distributor for France and its overseas territories. The Xtend Foot will receive its LPPR-listing code within one and an half month and the product will be jointly demonstrated on OKO Solution’s stand at ISPO France, taking place in Lyon on November 8-9, 2017.
Read more about OKO Solution
Halmstad, Sweden and Marseille, France. October 25, 2017

雷电竞app官网iOS下载雷电竞iOS官网Lindhe Xtend收到创新设计大奖2015

Tylösand, October 30, 2015

Every year, Halmstad Näringsliv AB in cooperation with the University of Halmstad, hosts the Golden Awards Ceremony in Tylösand, outside Halmstad. The purpose of the Innovation Award is to support and motivate innovation-based companies to grow and become competitive on a global market.

Lindhe Xtend received the award with the following motivation:

The company has made a fantastic voyage so far and built a dynamic team, both in and outside the company and is constantly developing new innovations is close cooperation with the University of Halmstad. The combination of new innovative solutions and the highly competent team, is judged to be able to build an international growth company within Life Science, with products that gives amputees a chance to get a higher quality of life.

We are of course very proud over the price and after the Golden Awards Ceremony, Jessika Brostrom, CEO of Lindhe Xtend says:

It is very rewarding and exciting to get the Innovation Award and shows that hard work, a true user-innovation and a solid thinking in establishing a great team, pays of and is being appreciated. Now we are looking forward to taking Xtend Foot to the international market!

New Board of Directors for Lindhe Xtend

Lindhe Xtend is now entering the next phase with an international expansion. In order to support the company, a new board has been appointed. The new board strengthens the competence of the company and provides expertise within internationalization, commercialization and clinical expertise:

Tommy Hedberg,Chairman of the board

Tommy Hedberg has a long experience from international business and has held positions as MD at Atos Medical, VP of Marketing & Sales at both Atos and Medscand, and as Product Manager at Leo Pharma. With his international expertise, solid experience and board experience, Tommy will be a great asset for the company.

Peter Gerhardsson,Member of the board

Peter Gerhardsson has over 30 years of experience from the pharmaceutical and med tech industry. His focus on sales and marketing, primarily within the segment of diabetes, contributes a valuable and broad international network. Peter holds the position as VP at Dexcom and has previously been responsible for business development at Novo Nordisk and Medtronic.

Henrik Malchau,Member of the board

Henrik Malchau是哈佛医学院的教授chool at Massachusetts General Hospital and Chief Physician at the Orthopedic Department at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Göteborg. With his long experience both of clinical work and research, Henrik will contribute with a strong international network and clinical expertise within the orthopedic field.

Anders Rosengren,Member of the board

Anders Rosengren has 20 years of experience in business development of medical devices in both start-ups and mid-sized companies. Anders contributes with a solid technical expertise, broad network as well as commercial and international experience.

Christoffer Lindhe,Member of the board, Product Development Director and founder of the Company

Christoffer Lindhe plays an important role in the board as the Founder and Majority owner. With his contacts, innovations and inspirational approach, he constributes both practially and strategically to the development of the Company.

New team members for Lindhe Xtend

The expansion for Lindhe Xtend continues and we are pleased to introduce our newest team members – Malin Östlund and Jiri Kubicka.

Malin Östlund,Head of Operations

Malin will be responsible for the company’s supply chain to assure high precision and quality of delivery to our customers. Malin has many years of experience of medical devices and project management and was previously working at the Getinge Group.

Jiri Kubicka,Technical Advisor

Jiri Kubicka has a long experience from Med Tech companies like BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) and Nolato Medical and has held positions as Director of Product Development and Project Management. With his technical background, Jiris contributions range from production planning and strategy to broad material knowledge, testing programs and supplier evaluations.

Lindhe Xtend wins Almi’s pitch award

Åre, 7 April 2014

A unanimous jury declared Lindhe Xtend from Halmstad winner in ALMI Pitch Event, which took place during the Åre Capital Market Days.

A total of 20 companies took part in the competition and the final was won by Lindhe Xtend, which is owned and run by Christoffer Lindhe.

”Fantastic and unexpected to win this award. It has been an instructive day with a lot of presentations and feedback from a panel of expert investors,” says Christoffer Lindhe.

Investor panel on the stage consisted of:
Eva Engdahl – CEO Entreprenörinvest, 
Finn Persson – Partner Spintop Ventures, 
Magnus Wiberg – Partner eEquity and
 Tobias Riuttamäki – Country manager and partner at Frontier.

Lindhe Xtend receives grant from the Jimmy Dahlsten Fund

Stockholm, 20 May 2014

Under the motto that everybody is entitled to live a free and independent life regardless of physical conditions and age, the Jimmy Dahlsten Fund wants to help entrepreneurs and visionaries to realise ideas which create new opportunities for people with reduced mobility. The aim is to support projects which, if they are realised, can help many people to achieve a better quality of life. Lindhe Xtend and the Xtend Foot product has been awarded a grant in the Innovation category.

”All too many good ideas don’t get past the idea stage, and it is a great pity as there are lots of good innovations. We therefore want to use the Jimmy Dahlsten Fund to enable more projects to be developed into finished products and services which provide benefit for the users,” says Thomas Fogdö.

Stable new ownership structure in Lindhe Xtend AB

Halmstad, May 2014

Together with founder Christoffer Lindhe and Marketing and Sales Director Jessika Broström, the ownership of Lindhe Xtend AB is now being strengthened with Almi Invest in Halmstad, Halmstad University’s Investment fund and Lindhe Intressenter AB.

”This ownership structure gives us access to both capital and a depth of knowledge within medical technology. This allows us to enter the market at a faster pace and also enables us to broaden our range in the long-term. This is important in terms of our future competitiveness in procurements,” says Christoffer Lindhe, CEO and founder of Lindhe Xtend.

Read more about the teamhere.

Lindhe Xtend is exhibiting at Ortopedteknik 2014 in Gothenburg

Gothenburg, 23-24 October 2014

Come and meet Lindhe Xtend at Ortopedteknik in Gothenburg. On stand 15 we will be exhibiting our range of prosthetic feet and giving practical demonstrations on our walkway of the flexibility in Xtend Foot High Active. You will also have the chance to see the secret behind the design and get to meet Christoffer Lindhe and others who use the innovative new prosthetic foot.

Visit Lindhe Xtend’s stand and workshop at NOIF’s Autumn Meeting in Bergen

Bergen, 1-2 November 2014

Come and meet Lindhe Xtend at NOIF’s Autumn Meeting in Bergen, 1-2 November. We are exhibiting our range of products including prosthetic feet and giving practical demonstrations at the stand of how flexible Xtend Foot High Active is. Meet Christoffer Lindhe and also take the opportunity to attend our workshop entitled:

A life lived to the full! Inspiration – user-led innovation – human foot prostheses.

Xtend Foot wins Plastovationer’s Composite Award 2014

Jönköping, 11 November 2014

The PlastForum journal presents its awards every year at Elmia Subcontractor under the theme of Plastovation Awards 2014. In the Composites category, Lindhe Xtend won with the following nomination:

Because a product has been produced which doesn’t just promote the use of composites, but also produces an enormous amount of benefit for the user. With its Xtend Foot, Lindhe Xtend has developed a prosthetic foot which is more mobile and stable and where, furthermore, the foot blade can be adapted to the underlying surface. This makes it a really innovative product, which will be of great benefit to many people, and which can make everyday life easier for its users.

Some seventy or so people from both the industry and nominated companies had gathered to hear which contributions would receive this year’s awards.

”The fact that plastic is a varied material that can be used and developed in many different ways becomes very clear when we work with Plastovationer. This year too we have seen a broad spectrum of products, for both industry and consumers. This is evidence of innovation that bodes well for the industry,”says Martin Dyberg, chief editor of Plastforum.

Christoffer Lindhe wins Diversity Index 2014

Malmö, October 19 2014

Diversity Index is a cooperation between Region Skåne, Øresundsinsituttet/News Øresund, Mentor International, Swedbank and Malmö University. The purpose of Diversity Index is to stimulate companies and organisations to use diversity in order to create growth and the best innovation climate. Christoffer Lindhe received the price in the category Disability with the motivation:

“Through his persistance and willingness to inspire other, he has challenged himself and the people around him. He is the prime example of how we all can see opportunities when the times are really rough. He is a role-model and a true fighter, a hero in the daily life”.


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